Welcome to WedCast Live helping you share your magical day with all in beautiful high definition.

What We Do

We provide professional filmography for your special day, and for those loved ones that just couldn't make the trip we will broadcast your wedding straight to there living room and when it's all over we will produce you the most beautiful movie you'll have ever seen.


Who We Are

5 years ago I got married to my beautiful wife, her being from South America and us both being from humble beginnings it was clear any wedding would be without at least one of our families, thats when wedcast live was born. We got married in South America but through the wonders of technology my entire family was there throughout, albeit in there PJs as it was 3am in the morning in the UK.



WedCast Live has teamed up with DS films to now offer oober professional and artistic filmography to bring a little movie magic to your favourite memories.


Get in touch.

send us a message or pick up the phone 07494 336840, we love to talk weddings. Alternatavely pop us an email to hello@wedcastlive.co.uk